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7 Steps to Better Billing

Step 1

We utilize the best tools available to review and analyze your practice's code and fee structure. Based on our experience, we make various recommendations aimed at maximizing the reimbursement levels for each of the services that you provide.

These recommendations are based on knowledge of reimbursement levels in the industry, NOT across-the-board increases.

Step 2

Armed with updated procedure and diagnostic codes that are unique to your practice, we design a complete set of professionally printed input documents that will serve as the source document for your billable services. There is no guessing when our input specialists enter your valuable billing information into our system.

Step 3

Entered information is checked for:

  • Duplicate dates of service
  • ​Required Modifiers
  • Services that are bundled under HCFA guidelines
  • Services that require referring physicians
  • Services that fall within the global follow-up period

Your completed claims are quickly filed electronically to the appropriate insurance carrier either directly or through the N.E.I.C. network.

Step 4

We begin a dialogue with your patients that clearly details activity on their account on a claim-by-claim basis. No PRE-BALANCE BILLING here, we ask for payment only after all insurance payments are made on each claim!

Step 5

We continue the dialogue as we receive and process payments on each claim.  As payments are posted to the claims and a patient balance is established, statements are printed and sent. Our experience has shown that most patients will  pay for your services in a timely manner if they understand their bill.

Step 6

We will carry on a dialogue with you through our many reports that can detail the crucial information that is necessary to manage your practice effectively. Our concise month-end reports will provide a clear understanding of the financial progress that your practice is making each month that you are on our service!

Step 7

Are you ready for a change?  A change to increase revenue and:

  • ​​That will see your fee and coding structure brought up-to-date?
  • That offers your practice new professional billing documents?
  • That offers the best software/hardware available on the market?​
  • That maintains clear and meaningful conversations with your patients?
  • That keeps you abreast of your practice's financial progress? 

Find out how Redding Resources, Inc. can be your solution to

Surgical & Specialty Billing!